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Hello, I’m David England, Vice President at RE/MAX Commercial Advantage.

The purpose of these pages is to provide Buyers and Tenants and Sellers and Landlords with a synopsis of the services we provide, from both a sales and leasing capacity.

As Vice President, REM/AX Commercial Advantage I’m a licensed commercial realtor with 30 years of sales, marketing and management experience, 14 of those being a Commercial Realtor, Where I am currently a Vice President with RE/MAX Commercial Advantage.

What I’m most proud of is the amazing relationships I’ve developed with my customers, and my fellow business colleagues With my Medical, Dental and Healthcare background, I have been involved a vast amount of sales and leases of Healthcare properties. Check out some examples of properties we sold or leased.

As Commercial Realtors we have vast email lists of Tenants and Owners. We have great relationships with many of the largest developers and commercial investors and high net worth families, throughout Metro Vancouver, BC and Canada, and around the world.

Since 2006 I have been involved in many large sale transactions, including Medical, Dental, and Healthcare Properties, Industrial properties, Office Buildings, Retail Properties, Apartment Buildings, and Development Land. With 10 years of experience in the Dental Business, with Companies like Patterson Dental Canada, and Dentsply International, I am also proficient in the Valuation and sale of Dental Practices, where I partner with a Chartered Accountant who specializes in Dental.

Whether you are looking to sell your property or business, or lease-up vacant space, we are committed to get the job done right! With our marketing expertise, combined with the Global Reach of the largest real estate firm in the world, we truly have global reach. Combine that with our own personal databases of clients, including thousands of buyers and tenants alike, you can count on us to market your property better than any competitor, in the Metro Vancouver marketplace.

If you need to sell, or lease-up vacant space, this is the marketing platform you need to sell/lease fast, and achieve the highest rates of return.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Simon Fraser University
  • Real Estate Trading License, UBC
  • Graduate Management Diploma, Athabasca University


  • Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver

Direct: 604-351-3408

Expert Analysis

Whether you are selling, or leasing up vacant space, our expert Vancouver team will analyze the subject property against other product for sale or lease in the near vicinity, as well as recent similar transactions that have recently transpired. We will provide you with this key comparable information and provide our recommendations related to pricing, whether it be a sale price, or a price per square foot to lease up vacant space.

If you are selling, we will provide a detailed opinion of value. We use several methods of determining the value of a property: Market Value, Replacement Value, Income Approach, Residual Land Value, and Assessment. The combination of these approaches allows us to provide our clients with a solid understanding of the value of their real estate. One of our best tools that we use to assess the value of development sites, is the Residual Land Proforma.

When it comes to development sites, there are many factors going on to understand value. This is one of our key attributes. We understand the market and we have the tools, for example… the residual land proforma. This is a great tool, as it is an exercise that all Developers will use in order to analyze the profitability of a development. At its very basics, It starts by looking at the size of the property, how much you can build based on the allowable density, how many parking stalls are needed, the cost of financing the project, the Revenue that will come from selling the newly constructed units, the Development Costs, including Hard Costs like construction, and soft costs like architecture, engineering, permits, development cost charges, etc. The proforma then calculates a residual land value based on everything just described. If you need an expert that uses tools like this. We do, and we do it well.

Our Commitment to You

Whether you are Tenant, or a Buyer; or an owner selling, or leasing up vacant space, when you list with us you can be assured that we will represent your interests, and yours alone. If you are selling we will ensure the highest sale value possible as our prime objective. If you are leasing vacant space, we will get you the highest rent possible, coupled with the lowest expense possible related to any type of tenant improvement allowance. You can count on us.

We will immediately take the necessary steps to ensure that the subject properties are presented to the market in the best possible light. This requires a tightly coordinated and efficient use of both corporate personnel and financial resources. It further means careful planning, a diligent implementation of the plan as well as an accurate review and communication between the team members. Simply put, we possess all the necessary ingredients to formulate and implement a plan that will achieve the highest sale value, and/or rental income.

Finally, I’ll end my pitch on relationships. I was lucky enough to start my commercial real estate career at Colliers, International. I was so lucky to work at a company with some of the most prolific commercial realtors that are absolute legends in the Real Estate industry.

Most of all, I’ve been so fortunate to get to work alongside my father, Ken England, The King of Relationships. From day one he always drove in how important it is to have great relationships, and always be in search of more of them with great people. Like you.

Committed to your best interests,

About Royal LePage Commercial

Innovation and service excellence have developed and propelled the Royal LePage brand since 1913. Royal LePage helped pioneer the growth and development of commercial real estate in Canada. Our leadership heritage in commercial real estate gives meaningful vision to today’s national network of dedicated commercial real estate professionals and their clients alike. Royal LePage Commercial professionals meet criteria for knowledge, experience and performance, providing credible, quality representation you can rely on. They engender a culture of collaboration where knowledge, information and resources are developed and discreetly shared between large urban centres and smaller markets, coast-to-coast. This partnership mentality is further extended to our respected industry associates, all with the goal of collaborating to meet unique client needs. Whatever your Commercial Real Estate need, Royal LePage Commercial delivers – wherever you are, or wherever you need to be!

About Royal LePage Sussex

Royal LePage Sussex is all about creating synergy in order to deliver unsurpassed results for our clients. Networked with over 16,000 REALTORS® across Canada our company has amplified its success and generated record breaking results. Royal LePage Sussex has emerged as the top selling Real Estate organization in the markets that the company opened their doors to serve.

We hire and train only the finest dedicated REALTORS® and provide them with professional offices spaces, the best staff and management available, and all the resources Royal LePage affords. Royal LePage Sussex REALTORS® work together to achieve personal goals and results for their clients in a supportive team environment.

Not only is Royal LePage Sussex dedicated to our agents and clients, we also care deeply about the communities in which our agents live and work. Royal LePage is the only real estate company with its own branded charity; the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation is Canada’s largest public foundation dedicated exclusively to funding women’s shelters and violence prevention programs.

Our organization’s promise of “Helping You Is What We Do” is something that we live and breathe at every level. It’s as true today as it was over 35 years ago. And we’re proud to say this philosophy will continue to drive us forward in the years and decades to come.

Royal Lepage Commercial in the Real Estate Industry

Royal Lepage Commercial has always believed in staying on the forward edge of the real eatate industry, adopting and adapting the latest technology and creating inovative marketing and advertising programs for our clients.

Woven into the fabric of Royal Lepage Commercial is a deep commitment to community.  Royal Lepage Commercial strongly believes in being productive, contributing members of the communities in which we work and live.  Royal Lepage Commercial broker owners and agents alike are community leaders, who donate their time and money to countless charities and causes.

Ranked by total number of B.C.-licensed commercial agents Business in Vancouver Magazine ranks Royal Lepage Commercial as the 2nd Biggest commercial real estate brokerage in B.C. as of 2018 (Published November 20, 2018).


RE/MAX Commercial Advantage, a division of the Denver-based franchise company, RE/MAX LLC, has a Global Network of commercial practitioners who close billions of dollars in sales and lease volume each year. Experience, knowledge and training are trademarks of RE/MAX Commercial, and its prominence in this sector of the real estate industry is driven by global brand recognition and high performance in the marketplace. Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX.